Tuesday, February 5, 2019

God's Ways Do Not Change

I came across this today, and wanted to share...It's a quote from J.I. Packer's well-known book, Knowing God. I'm thankful for the God who hasn't changed in the way He deals with man.

He continues to act toward sinful men and women in the way that he does in the Bible story...Still He blesses those on whom he sets his love in a way that humbles them, so that all the glory may be his alone. Still he hates the sins of his people, and uses all kinds of inward and outward pains and grief’s to wean their hearts from compromise and disobedience. Still he seeks the fellowship of his people, and sends them both sorrows and joys in order to detach their love from other things and attach it to himself. Still he teaches believers to value his promised gifts by making them wait for those gifts, and compelling them to pray persistently for them, before he bestows them. So we read of God dealing with his people in the Scripture record, and so he deals with them still. His aims and principles of action remain consistent; he does not at any time act out of character. Our ways, we know, are pathetically inconsistent-but not God’s.

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